Memories for Forgetfulness Elsewhere

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Art and culture project 'Palette of the Resistance'. Women in the resistance during World War II'. The war has no woman's face.' (based on the book of the same name by Svetlana Alexievich). My wish is to give these women a face and a voice. Moreover, it is an underexposed theme. In the 1st instance, our collective memory does not associate war with women in the resistance and the crucial role they have played in it. Women as Spil "managers" of the Resistance. Women in the resistance have long been underexposed. Even after the war we see that a lot of women hardly got the recognition they deserved, others did not. Many men have hijacked their history. Together they tell the non-heroic story of the war, which is missing from previous testimonies of veterans. To the question why exactly those women in particular will be painted and no other, the answer is quite simple. Depends on the available footage and the very active role they played. Thirty resistance women during WWII portrayed in full size painterly. And the exhibition must be as completely historically correct as possible in terms of attribution. Every woman deserves a scientific biography.
My fingers itched to paint Rubens' self-portrait as real as possible with the technique and materials of the time. But no this is not the assignment. The assignment in collaboration with Photographers, Creative Retoucher and publicity agency is to use Rubens' self-portrait to make Rubens look surprised/ surprised/ amazed and this with the striking resemblance.
'Friends of My Father'. Hapening during the biographical exhibition 'View from Inside' by father and painter Georges Teugels (1937-2007), curated by Patrick Teugels. During the exhibition, which lasted only a week-end, the art lovers who visited the exhibition were invited to pose with the request not to pose, neutral and to visualise the following: "You see something very bad happening in front of your eyes and you are not able to do anything". Afterwards they were painted mirrored one by one.
One from the series 'Friends of my father', 10x15cm, oil on board
'Experiences'. This painting project, preceded by interviews about how they experienced life, starts in 2018 with people over the age of 80, war children who have a lot to tell us about their most striking events, happiness, traumas and what advice they can give to future generations.
'Death portrait of my father', 35x47cm, oil on marouflage, collection of the artist

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