Patrick Teugels (°1960), lives and works in Flemish Brabant

Education in Painting, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (1979-1984), graduation supervisors Lode Jacobs and Hugo Heyrman. Fellow students Luc Tuymans and The Antwerp Six.

Internship specialization restoration & conservation department paintings on canvas and panel at the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage Brussels (1985-1987), led by director R.H.Marijnissen and Liliane Masschelein-Kleiner. Preliminary research ‘Ghent Altarpiece’, Jan Van Eyck, Ghent (1986) and  ‘Descent from the Cross’ (1611), Peter Paul Rubens..

Higher Institute and Royal Academy of Fine Arts teacher Antwerp (1986-1996): Painting, Model drawing various disciplines, Technique of painting and Restoration deontology and technique various disciplines.

Founder and director Yaddoo (Drawing and Painting Academy) since 2019.

Exhibits since 1982.


Unique portraits of unique people

Although some art forms usually have the intention of escaping reality and to emphasize the detachment from reality, Teugels seeks out reality precisely because he wants to erase the boundary that lies between art and reality. 

Given the enormous appeal of this irresistible form of painted portraits that carry us “beyond” art into the realm of social and psychological history they ask us the question of what makes it worth leaving to future generations. Unlike a photo, everything is painted sharply with the greatest attention and as lifelike as possible. Images that you can keep on looking at, both from a distance and up close. 

Today, artists are able to realize things where current technologies fail.

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